Why go International?

Internationalisation comes in all shapes and sizes and can originate from an unplanned one -off, opportunistic, sale or a highly-structured internationalisation plan against which external finance, e.g. equity and/or debt, might need to be raised.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of Internationalisation initiatives either fail completely or fail to generate the expected returns and become an unwelcome administrative burden.

So why consider going International when it is risky, expensive, can require additional funds to be raised and there is a shortage of good people, who have experience of Internationalisation, to help – and you might fail?  All too often Internationalisation initiatives get stuck at first base.

The answer is simple – the rewards for you and your company can be huge.  Internationalisation can be a game change; revenue and profit can grow by orders of magnitude, your business is of more interest to external investors and potential acquirers, the value of the business increases and you can outperform your competitors.

Our consultants have many years of hands on experience internationalising technology, science and B-B Enterprise software companies.

We have a tried and tested 6 stage methodology for developing and implementing an internationalisation plan.

We have the expertise and access to networks to help you through all 6 phases of the Internationalisation process to help you build a successful, sustainable, international presence.

Our methodology is summarised in the following graphic:

  1. Preparing to go international
  2. Initiating & planning
  3. Building a bridgehead
  4. Generating revenue
  5. Consolidating & Expanding
  6. Balancing the International & Domestic business

In the preparation phase for example we work in partnership with our customers to assess how ready they are to go international.

We help them assess and evaluate:

  • Their position in their domestic market and the growth that they can continue to expect from their domestic market.
  • Potential target markets – what are the barriers to entry, the likely available market size etc.
  • Their options for managing their Internationalisation initiative
  • Sensible expectations from going international – the initial costs, revenues and profits.
  • The time required by the current management team and/or new hire requirements
  • Changes required to the product
  • The best way to manage customer support
  • The adequacy of your marketing and training documentation and support processes

Engaging with Us

Strategy Formulation

Whilst every engagement is tailored per the individual needs of each customer our approach to researching and formulating a unique Internationalisation strategy follows our 6-phase methodology.

This is to ensure compete transparency for our customers and a Go/No Go decision point at the end of each stage.  There are no “open cheque books” with george james ltd.

All our engagements start with building trust and an Information Gathering and Exchange process as preparation for an Internationalisation workshop:

Engagements post workshop are compliant with our 6-phase methodology and based on a clear statement of works with identifiable deliverables for each phase. All our projects are measurable against Time, Budget and Quality.  Go/No-Go decision points are included at the end of each phase.

To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.