Free NED service

One area of the market that we have observed does not work effectively is that of matching NED vacancies with people with the skills, knowledge, experience and interest in such a position.

Often we speak with talented senior executives who don’t know how to find such a role and equally often with investors and executives who are frustrated by the lack of choice when seeking a NED.

Given that we have an extensive network across both groups we have initiated a Free NED Service.

For any Investor or executive seeking a NED we will, without charge:

  • Post your opportunity on our Current Vacancies
  • Post your opportunity to our LinkedIn network of over 20,000 industry contacts
  • Email your opportunity to our database of experienced senior industry executives, both those current holding NED positions and those with the skill set to take on such a position.

Any applications will be forwarded to you for qualification against your needs. Should your capacity to manage the recruitment process benefit from some additional support george james ltd can provide complimentary selection services including candidate management, psychometric profiling, interviewing, reference taking etc. on a day rate basis if such support is required (Contact us).

For Senior Executives considering a NED role please contact us to arrange a conversation.